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DOOR MIRROR Replacement

68-70 #963-06

The original 68-70 #963-03 door mirror had a failure prone pivot mechanism and was painted flat gray or anodized flat gray, and looked ugly. This mirror has the same odd mirror shape and size, but uses a much improved pivot design. The base is a little stronger and uses different hole spacing, but the base will cover up your modification of the holes on your door. It has a shine which with a little care will last for years to come. Although people usually use this on the left, you can also use it on the right, but the stem is not totally symmetrical so it will look a bit odd, but not as odd as the only option setup Nissan had, which was this shape mirror on the left, and a ROUND mirror on the right!

This mirror has a different mounting base which has different attachment points than the original mirror. If your car is being painted you weld up one of the old holes or both old holes and redrill. If not being painted you can make a new hole and this mirror's base will cover the old hole. Below are pictures of both base patterns.

There were two style of mirror bases used on the original dull finish mirrors. One had two studs, the other had one stud and one pin; located in the same position as the two stud version. (pics below). The 963-06 uses one stud and one large dowel.

Spacing on the 963-06 from center to center of the two attachment points is 1 3/16". Minimum diameter of the necessary holes is .325 and .525.

This is a left hand mirror; but sometimes people use them on both sides. This isn't "correct" but you can play with the position of the mirror head to make them "look" different. It's always best to sit in the seat before you mount the right side one so you can position it for best viewing. Although this is the original mirror shape; when a right side mirror was ordered; it was ROUND! How weird would that have been?

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