Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

This is one of the mirrors Nissan listed in the parts book for the roadster. This is a mild "convex" mirror. It provides a wider range of coverage than a typical mirror its size. Single bolt and one peg mount, can be mounted on fender or door depending on which position works best for you. Some people run use this with the mirror head in the "up" position, when mounted on doors the mirror is usually twisted down so it is lower. Whichever you prefer! Polished to a nice gloss finish.

2 5/8" center to center distance between bolt hold and locating hole

Big hole diameter 8mm

Small hole for locating peg needs to be about 6mm

Does not match 68-70 dull 963-03 mirror and base will not cover old holes. See info on 963-06 mirror.

Have mirror in hand before drilling holes.

OUTSIDE MIRROR, #963-04CF (L or R)

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