Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Kit includes weatherstrip to replace both inner and outer pieces on your left and right vents.

We paid to have these reproduced a 24 years ago after a number of manufacturers attempted it and I can honestly say these are a better part then the original was in detail and materials. You won't be disappointed.

Datsun Roadster VENT WINDOW W/STRIP SET #802-37 - (65-67 1/2)

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This was another nightmare part to have reproduced. We went through a number of manufacturers over a number of years. Samples were "lost", financial shenanigans took place, and a huge amount of time was wasted by companies that either had no real intention of following through on the part, or were overwhelmed by the task. It is one of the most complicated rubber parts on the market for any car. We kept plodding along like the proverbial tortoise. The final company gave us some options on a pricing structure and how long we'd like to have the tooling as ours for this and the 68-70 w/strip we made at the same time. They ranged from $6000 to $26,000. It was hard to justify spending over $12,000 on getting a part made, when we didn't have permanent control of the tooling, but the control would have just raised the price of the part up. I'm happy that I was able to afford putting up the money to get a long nonexistant part back in production. To retool and remanufacture a part is extremely difficult,expensive and financially risky. Sometimes a manufacturer will pay the tooling costs themselves but this is rare. As most manufacturers don't even know what a Datsun Roadster is, it can make things difficult.