Datsun Roadster Trackstrip (Door Channel)


TRACKSTRIP 1963-1970

802-24A is not currently available

This weatherstrip holds the windows as they roll up and down. They originally all looked like the picture above on the left. In the early 90s Nissan changed to a piece that is designed to hold the window a little firmer. The trackstrips we sell in a strip long enough to cut to fit all four of your window tracks. The Nissan 1960s strips have been gone for decades unless we happen to have some loose pieces on the ODDS and ENDS page. The other two we normally have in stock.

The 802-24 we have been selling for about 20 years; with few complaints. A few people have wanted the glass to be looser. The 802-24A style is not currently available. With its use the glass was looser than even the old original design weatherstrip

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SPL311 SRL311 Window Channel Weatherstrip (TRACKSTRIP) from Rallye Roadster