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Datsun Fairlady Vent Pivot Receiver

65-67* #802-23

NO LONGER AVAILABLE as of 2/16 as an assy. Big piece and plated washer are still available separately.

*can be used on 67.5 but this has a shiny finish, not dull like 67.5. From Nissan.




More roadster parts mysteries... The part on the right 802-44 is the typical piece that the "spike" on your vent frame pivots on. Nissan says there is a left and a right although I have only seen this piece all these decades. The part on the left Nissan says was used on the 65 1500 and some amount of 65-67 1600s although I've only seen it a couple of times in the long distant past. I'm going to guess that maybe some of the pivot "spikes"on the vent frames were mislocated or located differently or the spike had a different shape on some cars.

As usual; the parts book doesn't say to what vins the part was used. It's like nobody thought it would be a concern. Add to that arrows and numbers in the exploded drawings that are not mentioned in the text listings; or text listings that obviously do not match the drawn item and it makes for some fun for the parts person. Probably part of the reason why so many Datsun dealers just started recommending us to people in the 70s the second they knew we existed.

Eventually we just ordered every part number in the system; including parts listed on the Tokyo Master that are not even in the parts book we knew were roadster part numbers. Then over time we figured out what really went on what group of cars. The project STILL isn't done as I learn something new quite often. Now and then a customer will call or write with some tidbit of information they have found; so it is kind of a team effort!

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