SPL 311 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Originally on 65-67's, can also be used on 67 1/2's. True 67 1/2's had the non-glare interior, with everything that was chrome on the earlier cars replaced with black or dull silver. Can't risk an accident being blinded by the glare off of your console lock!

Currently the left handle in chrome is not available.

The handles come without the retaining pins. If we happen to get a handle with a pin installed or taped to it we will of course send the pin as well.

If you are looking for some pins here are the measurements.

Diameter .087" except tiny splined? area at end which is .097". Length is .585".

VENT HANDLE, R, Chrome #802-17

65-67.5 1600 - 2000

Could be roughed up and painted to match 67.5 style handle.

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