Datsun Fairlady Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Datsun 1500 1600 Vent Frame

65-67 1500 1600 #802-13
67.5 if you paint inner side flat silver
Use as is or make it an exact 67.5 1600 or 2000 piece if you paint backside flat silver. Empty frame. These are "new" frames from Nissan; but they are FORTY SEVEN years old. Most of the chrome still has the protective electrician's tape or "molasses" (I call it) coating. I don't know how these would look if all of that was stripped off and the piece polished. You may or may not find some flawed areas in the chrome; but it is a "new" piece...To us a flaw is a line or something; a tiny scratch that may or may not even be felt; like a hair sitting on the frame.

Anything with something visible after we pull the tape off we keep for the ODDS AND ENDS page. We were selling these for about $200 and had abolutely no problems. We just wanted to move them out a bit quicker so dropped the price 40%. If you are looking for flawless you have the wrong car. Nissan was pretty good about chrome but they for instance even in the production days didn't bother polishing anything that wasn't easily seen (undersides of bumpers for instance) Later on after the cars were out of production it got worse. These come from the 60s; and are now all 50 YEARS OLD.

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80270-14600 Datsun Roadster Vent Frame from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.