Fairlady Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.


Nissans sports cars are all called "Fairlady". Even the Z cars have "Fairlady Z" emblems in other countries. Nissan took the model names off all its North American bound cars in 1965. The "Bluebird" became the "510", the "Violet" became the 710, etc. This emblem, found on many Roadsters in other countries, can be used on the rear of the 65-70 USA roadsters without any modifications. It will not work on the front fenders as the emblem would hit the side moulding. If you want Fairlady emblems on the front fenders, you have to use part #638-01 (plastic) or #638-13 (metal) which have a different mounting pattern. This emblem #798-09 for the rear of the cars has the same mounting pattern as the "Datsun 1600" emblem and the "Datsun" emblem of the 67 1/2-70 cars. This is currently still manufactured out of metal.



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