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This is the original part of your hood that attaches it to the hood hinges. It is usually spot welded on. The roadsters suffer a number of sad fates, the most common being brought on by its maker and unaware owners. I call it U.W.F.I.H (pronounced u-fee). USE WHATEVER FITS IN HOLE.

For reasons which boggle the mind, Nissan altered the engine and transmission in 67 1/2 to incorporate metric threads. Fine...but the frame and general chassis parts and most of the body were left with S.A.E. threads. The interior was completely up for grabs as to what threads they had. The inconsistencies are everywhere. They altered the head bolt HEADS to be metric (but at that size the appropriate SAE socket still fits fine) but DID NOT change the threads in the block.

In part due to this mind boggling engineering stunt, many innocents (and a few that should know better) have shoved, forced, twisted, and impact wrenched a lot of bolts into holes they shouldn't have gone. "Hey, it tightened up great!" Yeah it did, ONCE! Pity the next poor slob that has to deal with it!

This particular part of the hood also gets destroyed if someone does not have an assistant help with hood removal/installation. If you back the bolts all the way out with hood's weight on them the threads can be destroyed. I've seen all kinds of messes and home fixes to repair hoods. This replacement bracket is the correct way. Oh, and speaking of hood removal, before you take the hood off, take that expensive and delicate grill out first! It comes out easy, just grab your short phillips screwdriver. From Nissan.

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65141-25500 Datsun Roadster Hood Bracket from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.