Fairlady Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

FAIRLADY EMBLEM, Plastic #638-01

The metal version of this emblem #638-13 was original equipment on 63-65 USA Datsun 1500's and was original equipment on 63-70 1500/1600/2000s that stayed in Japan or were exported to certain other countries. It was used on the front fenders of the non-USA 1600 and 2000 and the script emblem #798-09 was used on the rear. If you would like to install these emblems on a car that did not have them previously, you will need to redo your mounting hole setup as this emblem has its mounting "spikes" in a different arrangement than the "Datsun 1600" or "Datsun" emblem. The plastic emblems are virtually identical and look better longer than the pot metal emblems.

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