Datsun Competition Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



Competition Springs on the Left, Stock Spring on the Right.

These are the original style Datsun Competition springs, not the taller, stiffer replacements Nissan had remanufactured in the 90s that have received negative reviews.

Part numbers ending in "-2" are for quantity two of the items. Nissan's description in the old Competition catalog says the "Comp" spring lowers the front about 1 3/4" over what the standard spring was designed to do, and has an increased spring rate to help prevent bottoming out. You'll also need to trim your rubber bump stops down about 1/3. We can send or post a drawing of how you should modify them if you haven't picked that up from the old Bob Sharp Comp book. A very sharp "exacto" knife can do it, or a hacksaw. You may find that putting the bump stop in the freezer overnight may make it easier to cut.


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