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IGNITION SWITCH & LOCK ASSY. #487-09 (with keys)


We currently have a switch-lock that works on all the 68-70 roadsters. There are a number of different wiring plug-in patterns used, they have all been superceded into this one. If yours is different than this one, you simply have to move the individual terminals in your car's harness plug-in. Most people do this themselves and we'll drop a explanatory note in with the switch. If you are tired of worrying that someone is going to start your car with a popsicle stick and drive off, here's a solution!

The wiring pattern on this particular switch is:

R   A

This switch also has the wires for the door buzzer on the 70's, you can tape them up and ignore them if not needed.

In addition; the lock barrel diameter on this switch is 1.340". If you have an ignition/turn signal plastic trim cover with a 1.250" hole; you will have to enlarge it or get a later cover. Nissan supposedly made the switch to the larger ignition switch at SPL311-19548 (1600s) and SRL311-03570 (2000s) but measure yours to be sure.


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