Datsun SPL310 Brake Master Cylinder

Use For 46010-12900

....Nissan .. 64-65 1500

For use on Datsun 1500's that came with the aluminum master cylinder. The 63 actually came with a cast iron cylinder with a screw-on cap that was 3/4" in diameter. This was enlarged to 7/8" on the 64s.

he original cylinder assemblies (#460-03) are no longer available. This cylinder is the same diameter, bolt pattern, but the brake line connection is on the opposite side. This is also from Nissan. To use this you would either have to have your line rebent, which can be dangerous as it's already been bent once, or get a short section of tubing bent to make an adapter. If your car has the shorter pedal rod, you will also need to swap your old rod to this cylinder. (You just pry out a spring clip)

The 460-29A version is also a Japanese cylinder, same style as 460-29 but did not come through Nissan. Still uses the same main line top dollar internals. Appears identical otherwise.

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Datsun SPL310 Fairlady Brake Master Cylinder