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Datsun Roadster Brake Caliper Cylinder
65-70 1600 - 2000
Inner Cylinder is #411-09
Outer Cylinder is #411-10
Two views of the same cylinder shown above. I have seen these Japanese sourced cylinders come in green, black or silver.The difference in the cylinders is in the fluid ports. One of the ports on the outside cylinder has one double flare port (used on the bottom position when mounted) and one single flare port . Both of the ports on the inner cylinder are for a single flare line. Why Nissan did this baffles me as it only invites problems as people mount cylinders in the wrong position and ruin the line and/or the cylinder tightening the pieces together!

Bottom line and port is Double flare

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 Brake Caliper Cylinder