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SHIFT BOOT 65-67 1600
Picture shows how boot was designed to be installed. A lot of people mount them upside down; which may increase the stress on the boot. These boots, still made by Nissan's manufacturer in Japan are not out of the most oil resistant material available and can deteriorate rather rapidly at times. To combat this I've seen a lot of interesting attempts at protecting the boot. Sheets of flat rubber and plastic funnels attached to transmission tunnel underneath boot seem to do a good job although it looks a bit weird. I've even had people tell me they've had good luck spraying the bottom of the boot with silicone spray now and then. It would be nice if you could just deal with some of your oil leaks, but that's not always feasible.

The other factor that tears up boots is worn or loose shifter parts both in and out of the transmission. These can all multiply each other's effects and combine to make a lot more stick shift movement. You may notice a remarkable difference in your shifter by replacing the pins on the outside of the transmission if they are loose; and cutting some thin shim stock to take the side to side wear out of the picture that develops in the cast iron bracket that straddles the rod that goes into the transmission. The rubber grommets immediately below your chrome lever are designed to be clamped by two large washers that fully compress the rubber. Without that clamping force the shifter will also tend to feel sloppy and imprecise.

You can if you choose; use the two part 67 1/2 boot. It uses an almost flat rubber seal, with a "dress-up" vinyl boot above.


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