Datsun Roadster 1600 Transmission Tailhousing from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



1965-1967.5 TAILHOUSING #321-28
Includes new housing, with the following new parts installed: main shift rod bushing, driveshaft bushing, breather, and the improved control bracket introduced in early 1967. Use your old reverse light switch; which has to be the correct switch for a 65-67.5 i.e. thread diameter is about .493; not .545 that the 68-70 cars used.

To use this housing on a 1968-69 you would have to locate a 65-67.5 reverse light switch; as yours won't work. You would also have to drill out the housing to use your larger transmission mount bolts; which is no big deal as aluminum drills so easily.

To use this on a 1970 1600; the 68-69 notes apply as well as this housing does not have a mounting area for the emission switch that came on USA and some Canadian cars.

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Datsun SPL311 Transmission Tailhousing from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.