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1965-67 .5 1600 Hood Harness Info
SPL311-03323 up

1965-67 1600 Hood & Dash Harnesses


14610 harness has a blue with white mail bullet to plug into dash harness. this is wrapped into a larger green with white wire which goes by itself to the fuse box for the cig lighter.




Again; the VIN is important as cars were titled by year; which may or may not be the true model year of the car.

Exact Nissan harnesses to match particular vin numbererd cars or years of cars are not always available. Many times you can still have a new harness with some minor adjustments to the harnesses that are still available.

Exact dash harness is no longer available for the earlier 65-67 cars. Another Nissan harness, (the later 65-67 dash harness) which is slightly different; is. When using it with a later hood harness; as in the 65-67 kits listed; there is no problem; just plug it in and go.

Nissan created an improved harness using a heavier wire in a particularly loaded circuit, (cigarette lighter) and to increase availability, the other harnesses are superceded to this one. The spots where they exited the horn and/or headlight relays may be in a slightly different location; and it may be necessary to move your relays on the inner fenderwell. These relays are just attached with sheet metal screws to the inner fender so it's not difficult.

The later 65-67.5 hood harness however has another difference. This harness has the yellow temperature sender wire exiting the harness on the passenger side of the vehicle; instead of right by your washer bottle. (This is because the intended use of the harness was for a 67 2000). There are two ways to make this situation "correct" for your car. You can either extend the wire back along the hood harness in front of the radiator to exit by your washer tank; or unwrap the harness a little bit by the washer tank, find the appropriate yellow wire, cut it and extend it over to your temperature sender; which is located on the front left side of the cylinder head. If going this route I would also suggest cutting off the

These are all "new" harnesses in that they have not been installed on a car. Some were made recently, some before that, some even in the initial production run. Even resting comfortably on a shelf it is not unusual to see one of the many wrapping tape ends starting to unravel. Sometimes we catch this and add a little bit to the ends, sometimes not. It's also possible to sometimes find a stress crack in one of the plugs, or even a small piece out of the back end of one. I think there might have been some sort of machine that put the wires in the plugs. It won't be anything that effects the functioning of the plug-in. I consider us very lucky to still have some stock of these Nissan harnesses.


65 - 67 1600 Owners up to SPL311-03323:
Order part# 240-33, listed on ELEC HARNESS

66 - 67 1/2 1600 Owners: SPL311-03323 and higher:
Order part# 240-39, listed on ELEC HARNESS


65 - 67 1600 Owners: 65 - 67 1600 Owners:
All 65-67 kits are now assembled using the improved harness design that was started at SPL311-03323. If ordering one of the kits, use the part numbers as they are shown back on the ELEC HARNESS

When ordering, be sure to let us know you have read this page so we don't delay the order while we send you this information.

This harness also has two additional wires for use with an electric windshield washer. The exit the harness right where your washer tank is so if you want to retrofit a newer style electric washer you can. Easy way to do this is connect the washer wires to the also available fog light wires on the front of the harness if you aren't using them. Then you can use your on-dash fog light switch to wash the windshield.


65-66 1600 Owners: (Weird Regulator Wiring)

SPL311-00001 to about SPL311-01120

This only applied to very low vin number cars. I've only seen a couple of them over the decades and have no idea where the break is. I know the regulator had an almost completely square plug instead of the common wide rectangle you find on most roadsters. Some early cars also had an adaptor harness from the regulator to the alternator. Usually these old style harnesses had transparent plugs versus the more familiar solid white.

I'm guessing that it happened up to engine R-2212 which would be anywhere from SPL311-00500 to SPL311-01100. The engines were not put in the car sequentially.

As that small connector adaptor harness has not been available separately since the early 70s; you may need to do some wire shuffling to get everything to work right between the alternator and regulator.

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