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Picture above is a representative sample; the looks of a rebuilt alternator vary.

An alternator can be ruined almost as soon as it is hooked up if there is something wrong with your charging system or related wiring; or if hooked up wrong. There is no warranty against this happening! The rebuilder isn't going to hand us an alternator that has been shorted or fried in some way or fix one that has been.

One of the most neglected items on any old car are the ground connections; many electrical items in your car are grounded through the body; your harnesses also have grounds on the body or frame. There must be a good ground BETWEEN the body, the frame and the engine.

Some cars came originally with the large battery ground cable connected to the frame. Those cars ALSO had a large cable grounding the frame to the engine block. Without this; or without a good, dry, shiny connection on each end of it; usually the throttle cable tries to be the entire ground for the starter motor. Fixing ALL of the miscellaneous grounds should be one of your first weekend projects. It can prevent many problems later. Myself I hate electrical problems; mainly because I've never set aside the time to learn how to quickly diagose problems. I'd rather yank and replace an engine than go figure out why when turning on the flashers one side works and the other side gets DIMMER! You just CANNOT have too many good ground connections!

It is also important to make sure you have a good 1/2 inch "push" on the fan belt between pulleys. These V-belts just do not need to be that tight to function. The tighter they are the sooner your water pump and alternator will be damaged internally. Keep an eye on alternator attaching bolts as well. They eventually loosen up; the alternator starts vibrating around and turns the round mounting holes into oval holes; rendering the alternator useless as a core; unless you spend some major money having the case repaired.

In addition to the cost of the alternator; there is a "core" charge which helps ensure people return the old core so the program can be continued. To be eligible for refund of core money; the cores must meet the requirements on the core page. If they do; 100% of the core charge is refunded unless it was paid with a charge card in which case 96% of the charge is refunded as that is all we received.

If your rebuildable old part is sent in with the order, there is no core charge if the item meets the requirements on the core page. Core charges are refundable if we receive an assembled, complete and rebuildable part back within 30 days of the date we shipped the replacement part to you.


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