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Filter Element Design is usually #164-04 not the older style shown inside above assy


You can also use this more economical version with an metal tank.

FUEL FILTER ASSY #164-02 or #164-10
for 63-68 cars that were designed for removable bowl filter.

How to tell on your 68 which type you should have?

(either of the above or the solid plastic filter 164-01)

On the right front edge of the right inner fender just before it slopes down towards the grill you'll have a bracket hanging into the engine compartment. It will either be just a flat piece of metal with a hole in it (to hang the glass filter) or will have two lightweight curved pieces of metal that act as a spring clamp to hold the plastic type filter. All 63-67 1/2's have the removable bowl type filter, and some early 68's also.

The change to the all plastic filter happened with the 1600s at engine # R-59199, and on the 2000's at engine #U20-02692. This corresponds approximately to VINS SPL311- 18300 and SRL311-02300. This is just an estimate as they pulled engines from a big pile so it is not unusual to see two cars with VINS 1 number apart have engine numbers that are hundreds of numbers apart.

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