Datsun Roadster Oil Filter Tube from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



DISTRIBUTOR OIL TUBE #152-14 (bottom)

1500* - 1600* - 2000

This part was designed to help the flow and drainback of oil inside the filter. Original tubes were very thin and soft and just a little bit of oil filter jostling during removal or installation would slightly deform the section that mounts in the filter base and cause it to become loose. Then an oil change or two later they would fall out; bounce around inside the oil filter and eventually get thrown out with the oil filter.

The #152-15 style was an improvement over the original equipment that Nissan came out with. Stronger and fits tighter in oil filter mount. Those are not currently available. The bottom version #152-14 was designed to match the later style shorter filters we sometimes see. Even the shorter length tube will help if you have nothing. Sometimes we have used orignal style long ones.

*Only works on a 1500 or 1600 if you are using a late 66 or later oil filter mount so you can use a "spin-on" filter


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