Datsun Roadster Camshaft Info from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.


Originally the SU carb equipped 2000s came with a 256 degree cam, and the cars with Mikuni-Solex carbs came with a 280 degree cam. These were noted by an "A" (SU) or "B" (Solex) which was stamped into the rear end of the camshaft. This requires a mirror to see if the camshaft is still in the car. Some cams have been reground without changing this designation. The Solex cam can be used with the SU carbs. It adds some performance while still retaining a decent "street" idle. The power band moves up about 500 rpm (personal opinion). The gains at the higher rpm's are somewhat the same as the losses at lower rpms.


The 130-02 is a NEW Nissan Camshaft.

Rockers should be changed when cam is changed.

Cam should be checked for binding in towers (misaligned towers, warped head). With rockers out, chain off, journals oiled, caps tightened, shaft should spin with finger and thumb. This ability to turn freely should not change when head is torqued down. If you are ordering a camshaft because your old one broke in the middle, it wasn't because the cam was "bad" and it isn't the end of your trail. It broke because it has been run in a head that has been bending it back and forth every time it rotates. Your head needs work, or a new cam will also break. Camshafts carry no warranty whatsoever against breaking as they don't break on their own. Check it out with your machinist or head specialist.

Ensure that both ends of camshaft have plugs installed, but not installed so deep that end journals' oilways are blocked. To check with cam in car, use long hairpin or nail, you shouldn't be able to shove something farther inward than the center of the outermost bearing journals.

You can check oil flow by removing rockers, distributor and distributor drive shaft. Insert long screwdriver in oil pump slot and spin screwdriver counterclockwise with palms of hands. You should be able to pump oil out all 8 cam oil holes. (a reversible drill makes it a bit easier to spin oil pump) No oil should come out either end of camshaft.


Core charges are a charge added to the parts cost which is refundable when we receive your old part within 30 days. This is most commonly seen on rebuilt starters and alternators, but can apply to any part new, used or rebuilt. A core charge if applicable will be listed below the part's price.

If your rebuildable old part is sent in with the order, there is no core charge. Core charges are refundable if we receive an assembled, complete and rebuildable part back within 30 days of the date we shipped the replacement part to you.

0-30 days the core has it's *full value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

30-60 days the core has 50% of its value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

60-90 days the core has 25% of its value if it meets the other requirements outlined below.

* If originally paid for with a charge card; "full" value means 96.5% of amount paid; since that is all we receive from your credit card.

At ninety days from the ship date of your order the item has no core value. If you want the item returned you can send a check for the original shipping amount and we can return it.

Cores have to be returned to us prepaid. They don't have to be clean but they can't be dripping oil or antifreeze either.

A copy of the invoice needs to be included with the shipment.

Refunds will be in the same manner as you paid us; so we will need the credit card information again less the 3 digit security code.

The invoice number or core slip number (if we provided) must be in plain view on the outside of the box; otherwise it will sit outside in the will call box until you know what freezes over or until you contact us wondering about it.

Cores have to be in rebuildable condition. (Our determination) Please inquire if you are unsure whether your old part is acceptable as a core.

Yes we didn't used to have this policy but after finally realizing that we were kind of being used as a dumping ground and let our core pile shrink we have added these restrictions. Either that or no more rebuilt parts in the future.

Following are some examples of non returnable cores. This is not intended to be a complete list of parts or parts conditions that can affect value of core.

Basically anything other than normal wear.

Camshafts with keyways damaged, some non-original cam grind profiles, stripped threads, broken gear teeth, spun journals. There is a $21 charge for each excessively damaged lobe. U20 cams with any base circle smaller than 1.280" are ineligible as a core except cams with at least one base circle 1.260-1.279 eligible for half credit. An "SU" U20 cam ("A") is not an acceptable core for a "Solex" cam ("B").

Cam Followers (2000 Rocker Arms) that are the old 1 piece type are not an acceptable core (look at the pad from the side and you can see if it is two pieces; rockers that have been repaired before are not acceptable as cores.


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