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TRANSMISSION MOUNT, 1600 #113-04 & 113-05 (Nissan)

Bolt hole diameter on #113-04 (67.5) is 3/8 inch; on #113-05 (68-70) is 7/16 inch

All 67.5 1600, 68-70 1600 and 67-70 2000 start with the same identical mount. Same height, same strength, same studs. The difference lies in how big the mounting holes are drilled out; so if you have one of the 1600 mounts; a little time with a drill and presto you now have a 2000 mount. We normally don't drill mounts to be "2000" mounts very far ahead as it is hard to "undrill" them if we then run low on "1600" mounts...

So if you have a good 1600 mount; don't toss it because you are installing a 5-speed!

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