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65-67 1600

67.5-70 1600

Top mount shown above is correct mount for a 65-67 SPL311; VINS SPL311-00001 - 10999. We hardly ever get them from Japan anymore; to the point that they are basically non-existent.

The transmission mount on the roadsters all sit on a detachable metal plate called a crossmember that bolts to the frame of the car. On a 65-67; the transmission crossmember is attached to the X-frame in the center of the car with 4 bolts that go into the frame horizontally.

On a 67.5 -70 the bolts go in vertically; from the bottom up.

The 65-67 mount is shorter than the later mounts both 160 and 2000. When a 5-speed transmission is used; many people just drop the 65-67 crossmember down and only attach it with 2 of the four bolts. This seems to work; and would also allow you to use a 67.5 transmission mount if you also knock out the two studs shown in the picture above. A better way would be to take your crossmember and have someone weld on some "ears" on it so you could drop it down but still be able to attach it with 4 bolts.

Some people have told me they have just knocked out the studs and used a later mount without doing anything else; but that changes the angle of the engine and transmission in the car and also the driveshaft angle It remains to be seen if this fairly small change in the oil level angle or u-joint angle has any long term consequences.

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