Datsun Roadster Cylinder Head from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



11041-25601 SRL311 2000 CYLINDER HEAD

Comes with towers, guides, and seats. Empty otherwise. The supply of these castings is shrinking. They are empty other than valve seats and valve guides. Before installation be sure to drill out and remove the plug in the oil gallery behind where the upper chain tensioner bolts on. You should also sit the head on your block and see that all the long head bolts and special cut washers can be installed OK. These cam tower castings are a little beefier then the old ones and a little filing on the sides of the tower(s) may be required to provide enough clearance for the washer to install flat, with the bolt going through the head. And as with any new block or head casting, use compressed air to blow out the oil passageways.

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Datsun SRL311 FAIRLADY Cylinder Head from Rallye Roadster