Been Awhile Since You Worked on the Roadster Project?

Always Check for New Residents

Astronomers think they discovered a new planet ? I discovered a NEW MOON and it is hanging in the trunk of this roadster. New residents are always a possibility when a car sits. I've seen a few. Mice scurrying away; rabbits hopping out; cats slinking away, snakes slithering away and even had a bird fly out at me.

The usual collection of ants, spiders and others from the bug universe have been there to give me the occasional shiver when something touches me. Even an odd bee or two with maybe a very small mud nest for a few of them.

Just prior to opening the trunk I had been banging around on rear body of the car.

I hope this is the last complete city I encounter. Yellow jackets? Hornets? I'm not sure what the correct name for these critters are; but The Borg are not the most feared creatures in the universe, these bees are!

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