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Some items will list a discount for sending a USPS Money Order

WHY? (The to-the-merchant charge is only part of it)

A sale on a charge card where the card is not present is a completely different situation then when the card is "swiped" through a terminal. Getting one verified (PROPERLY verified) to the point where one feels comfortable shipping irreplaceable merchandise is getting more and more difficult. When the charge companies themselves can't verify it and we have to go to certain banks; the phone trees and/or waits can be intolerable. The fees keep getting higher due to fraud and phony "cash-back" schemes. Whatever little protection there is for a merchant; is ONLY if you follow EVERY rule.

That "other" big payment outfit you hear about now and then is worse; much worse.

In an attempt to balance this out; to avoid just not taking the cards; which would probably harm us to the point where we'd just scrap this stuff years earlier than need be; we have slowly begun offering the parts at two prices OR a blanket discount for sending a money order.

Why a Post Office Money Order? They currently clear quicker than anything else; except something drawn on a Key Bank. True that any money order would work; MANY will not cooperate with anyone trying to get verifiable clearance information. The banks still say things clear in a few hours...they don't. When you then ask if after those few hours you can take the money and spend it with no money in any account they can grab they will say "Wait a minute; we didn't say THAT"

So we need to verify clearance; and that can take WEEKS on many money orders; some we NEVER GET IT so then there is a BIG problem. The money order has been deposited but we have no proof it is really our money.

Hence the USPS Money Orders which are not like that. For some reason; the Post Office has this money thing down perfectly.

So in some cases we will take into account the risk and cost and time loss and have two prices. That way you will decide what way is better.

Again; other money orders will work but it can take a VERY LONG time for it to verifiably clear; if it EVER does. FOREIGN ORDER. The lower price would apply if this is a foreign order where you are sending in a bank wire transfer.


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